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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

The Spirit of Adventure Family Photography: Thao & Carlos here in the Lake District

As a Lake District based family photographer, I specialise in capturing the adventurous spirit of families who cherish the great outdoors. One such family that embodies this adventurous spirit is Thao and Carlos family. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with them to create a family photo session that truly showcased their love and joy for each other, their children and the natural beauty around them.

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Thao and her family are passionate about the outdoors, and they wanted their family photos to reflect this passion. From our initial chat, we chose a location that was not only stunning but also meaningful to them—a serene spot Blea Tarn close to the beautiful Langdale Valley. We decided to style the session to highlight to make the images really stand out, something different from their everyday adventures! We selected outfits that were beautiful yet functional, allowing them to move freely and enjoy their time together during the shoot.

Capturing Joy and Togetherness

The photo shoot day was filled with laughter and genuine moments of joy, which are always the heart of every family session, effortless interactions and filled with affection. We used the natural scenery as a stunning backdrop, capturing them amidst the towering trees, beside tranquil waters, and along rugged paths.

Preserving Memories in the Great Outdoors

This special photo session not only provided them with heartfelt photographs but also with an experience that they'll remember . It's sessions like these that truly capture the essence of a family’s love and their connection with the outdoors.

As a family photographer in the Lake District, helping families like Thao's capture these moments drives my passion. If you’re interested in preserving your family’s adventurous spirit through timeless and stunning photography, consider booking a session where we can style and create beautiful memories for you in the great outdoors - I can't wait to chat to you! Ready for an adventure?

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