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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Top tips for eloping with Children: Make Your Special Day Magical in the Lake District

Updated: May 2

Eloping has traditionally been seen as a spontaneous, intimate exchange between two people in love, often carried out in secrecy and with an air of adventure. However, for couples with children, the idea of eloping can evolve into a magical family affair, blending romance and celebration with the ones you hold dear. And there's hardly a more enchanting setting for such a day than the Lake District.

Why the Lake District?

Known for its beautiful valleys, lakes, and fells, the Lake District offers a spectacular backdrop for your wedding day. Its natural beauty is not only ideal for romantic moments but also for fun, adventurous experiences with children. The open spaces and scenic environments make it a perfect place for little ones to explore and enjoy. Whether it's paddling by the lakeshore, wandering beneath towering trees, or playing among wildflowers, these moments add a joyful, carefree spirit to your elopement.

Incorporating Children into Your Elopement

Involving your children in your elopement can enhance the sense of unity and celebration. Here are a few tips to make the process joyful and engaging for them:

    • Roles and Responsibilities: Give them special roles like flower child, ring bearer, or little best man/maid of honour. Having a part to play will make them feel important and included.

    • Dress for Adventure: Choose comfortable clothing and shoes for the kids, suited for both the ceremony and exploring the outdoors. They'll be free to have fun without restraint.

    • Capture Their Personalities: Let their true selves shine in the photos. Candid shots of them playing or interacting with nature can be as memorable as the more structured family portraits.

The Perfect Photographer for Your Family Elopement

As a photographer with two young children of my own, I understand the dynamics of family adventures. I specialise in capturing the essence of these moments — the laughter, the mischief, and the tender interactions. On your special day in the Lake District, I can help weave your children's energy and personalities into the fabric of your celebration.

With a gentle, playful approach, I ensure that the children are engaged and happy, which reflects beautifully in every photograph. From romantic shots of you and your partner soaking in the breathtaking views to delightful snaps of your children playing in the wild, each picture will tell a part of your unique story.

Why Wait?

Eloping in the Lake District with your children is an extraordinary way to celebrate your love and family. It’s about more than just saying "I do"; it’s about creating a memorable adventure that your family will cherish for a lifetime. With my experience and passion for adventure photography, I am excited to help you capture these moments. Let’s make magic together for your elopement, blending the beauty of your family with the stunning landscapes of the Lake District.

Ready to turn your elopement into a family adventure that will be treasured forever? Contact me, and let’s start planning your magical day!

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