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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Creative Children's Portraits from our Lake District Home Studio

In the heart of the Lake District, I specialise in crafting not just photographs, but memories transformed into show-stopping art for your walls. If you've been looking to fill your home with more than just pictures, but with stories and character, you're in the right place.

My children's portrait sessions are designed to go beyond the conventional, every child brings their own unique spark of magic, and our mission is to capture that. Whether you're envisioning a simple, timeless black and white portrait or something dynamic, let's bring your vision to life.

The Canvas of Imagination

Imagine a portrait of your child that does more than capture a moment—it tells a story. From the whimsical and playful to the deeply thoughtful, we tailor each session to reflect the personality and spirit of your child. Our studio, nestled among the inspiring landscapes of the Lake District, provides the perfect backdrop for creativity to flourish.

Timeless Black and White Portraits

There's something undeniably classic about a black and white portrait. It's timeless, elegant, and focuses on the pure essence of the subject. These portraits stand out for their simplicity and depth, promising a piece of art that will captivate and charm for generations.

A Splash of Creativity

For those looking to add a vibrant touch to their walls, there's a playground of possibilities. We can delve into the world of artistic make-up, styling, and thematic concepts to create a portrait that's as unique as your child.

Heirlooms and Storytelling

Incorporating a favorite heirloom or a significant item into the portrait session adds layers of meaning and personal history to the final piece. Whether it's a special toy, piece of clothing or a family quilt, these elements can tell a deeper story, connecting the present with the past in a beautiful, visual narrative.

Let's Create Together

Your home deserves art that resonates, art that speaks. If you have a blank wall space crying out for character and warmth, let's collaborate to fill it with something spectacular. Contact me to discuss your brief, and together, we'll craft a portrait session that reflects your child's spirit and your family's essence.

Children's Portrait Commission in Lake District
Children's Portrait

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