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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Capturing the Essence of The Lowe Down PR

Updated: Mar 23

In the world of public relations, conveying the right image is everything.

This spring, it was a pleasure to work with Emma Holgate-Lowe, the powerhouse behind The Lowe Down PR, a communication specialist with years of national experience and a thriving business servicing Manchester and the North West of England.

The Objective

Emma approached me with a clear vision: to update her professional headshots in a way that would reflect her personality, professionalism, and vibrancy. The objective was not just to take a photo but to tell a story — her story.

Why the Lake District?

The choice of location was no accident. The Lake District, with its natural beauty would complement Emma's professional ethos.

The Shoot: A Blend of Personality and Professionalism

For the session we chose diverse textures and scenic views as the canvas to showcase Emma's vibrant personality. Our aim was to create images that were not just headshots but portraits of a professional, blending seamlessly with the environment's natural elegance.

Throughout the shoot, I focused on capturing — the warmth, confidence, and approachability that Emma brings to her work.

The Outcome:

Together we achieved a collection of headshots that provide Emma with a visual narrative that complements her professional achievements, serve as a tool for her branding and are a reflection to her commitment to quality and excellence in her field.

If you're looking to update your brand imagery, get in touch! Your narrative deserves to be portrayed in the most compelling and visually appealing way — let's make it happen.

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