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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Photography Capturing Laila and her Cool Crutches in the Lake District Landscape

I had the opportunity to photograph Laila here in the Lake District. Laila is a spirited and independent girl who lights up the room with her positivity and resilience.

Laila, who uses crutches from the fabulous team at Cool Crutches, showcases that walking aids can be more than just functional—they can be a fun, expressive extension of one's personality.

Cool Crutches specialise in creating custom, vibrant crutches that break the mold of traditional walking aids. Their mission is to infuse a bit of fun and personality into the lives of those who need them, and Laila's crutches were no exception. Decked out in bright colours and patterns. We chose a Lake District back-drop for the photographs that was colourful and a sunny day to add flair.

This shoot wasn't just about taking beautiful photos; it was about telling a story. Laila's story is one of strength, joy, and the beauty of embracing one's individuality. Her custom crutches from Cool Crutches aren't just tools for mobility; they're symbols of personality and a source of independence.

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