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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Adventure Wedding Photographer - Photography Above Lake Windermere:

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of capturing a truly unique adventure wedding photography session above Lake Windermere in the Lake District.

The stunning landscape, combined with the joy of a newlywed couple and their adorable 6-month-old baby girl, made for a beautiful experience.

The Setting: Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere, with its expansive waters and surrounding fells, offers one of the most picturesque backdrops in the Lake District. The day was perfect, with clear skies and a gentle breeze creating ideal conditions for outdoor photography. The natural beauty of the area provided endless opportunities for beautiful shots.

The Couple and Their Baby Girl

The couple Cat and John, radiating happiness, were excited to include their baby girl in their photos. And their little one added an extra layer of charm and joy to the session.

The Adventure Begins

We started the session with some relaxed shots in amongst summer grasses, capturing the serene beauty of the landscape. The couple held their baby girl close, their smiles reflecting happiness. Their beautiful dog Roo was a pleasure to capture alongside the family.

Climbing Higher

Next, we began our ascent up to the summit of the fell. The views were well worth it. Along the way, we paused at various points to take advantage of the stunning scenery. The couple’s love and the baby’s curious expressions framed by the lush greenery and distant lake views.

Capturing the Peak Moments

Reaching the summit, we were greeted with a panoramic view of Lake Windermere and the surrounding fells. These moments captured the essence of their adventurous spirit.

The Lake District continues to be an incredible backdrop for capturing life’s most precious moments, and I’m grateful to have been part of this beautiful adventure. Get in touch to book me as your Lake District wedding photographer and we can capture you in a way that's as unique as your love story.

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