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Anna Bailey
Lake District Photography

Why You Should Book Your Family Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 2

Embarking on a family photoshoot in the breathtaking Lake District can be an adventure, filled with laughter and the creation of priceless memories. However, we understand that the thought of organising such a session might bring worries to some. Concerns about weather unpredictability, children's cooperation, and choosing the perfect spot may momentarily cloud your enthusiasm. But let me share with you why these worries should not stop you from capturing your beautiful moments.

  1. The Weather Won’t Spoil Your Fun

The Lake District and the north west of England is famed for its wild weather, which might seem daunting at first. However, this very unpredictability adds a unique charm to your photos. Why? Overcast skies offer soft, natural lighting, while post-rain mist creates a magical backdrop. As your photographer, I come equipped with plan B (and C) to ensure we make the most of any situation, adapting to sheltered spots that are just as stunning or simply using a back-up day. So, rain or shine, your photos will look beautiful.

2. Kids Will Be Kids, And That’s Perfect

Worried about getting the little ones to smile or stay still on your family photoshoot?

The most memorable photos often capture the essence of family life in its truest form—unrestrained and spontaneous! Prior to our session, I’ll share tips on how to prepare your kids, like bringing their favourite toys or a snack. During the shoot, my focus is creating a relaxed atmosphere. We’ll play, tell stories, and take breaks as needed. You and your kids can be themselves, there'll be no need for forced posing.

3. Choosing the Ideal Location Is Easier Than You Think

The Lake District offers a great variety of stunning locations. The beauty is in the variety and the personal meaning these locations can hold for you. Whether you envision a backdrop of dramatic fells or the tranquil waters of Windermere, we’ll discuss what suits your family’s vibe and logistics ahead of time. Accessibility, especially with little ones in tow, and your family’s interests play a key role in selecting the perfect spot. And remember, I’m here to guide and suggest locations that will reflect your family.

4. Embrace the Adventure

Booking a family photoshoot is more than just planning a day out—it's about capturing the essence of now, which will soon become a cherished memory. It's about embracing the adventure, the imperfections, and the spontaneity that comes with family life.

The smiles, the laughter, the way the light catches your child’s hair, or the loving glances shared between family members. And years from now, these photographs will serve as a way to step back to precious moments.

Trust in the magic of the moment and the expertise of your photographer to capture the essence of your family. Even the brief moments of chaos are all beautiful chapters of your family's story.

So, why wait? Let’s chat about crafting the perfect photoshoot for your family.

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